Yoga Reggae Session with Jason Lee

17 April 2019

Jason Lee Worton has a background in the Jamaican music industry, working as a touring free-lance musician for over a decade. Developing an interest in yoga at a young age, Jason began learning from various sources like books or friends. He started practicing yoga regularly after being invited to a class led by former classmate and fellow musician Jah9, who was doing her teacher training at the time.

His yoga practice grew and he became more involved musically in yoga events, playing for classes and kirtan sessions. Jason became more integrated to the practice and the community at events like the Caribbean Yoga Conference. Yoga quickly became a cornerstone of his life along with music, surfing and a connection to nature that has led to a beekeeping and permaculture enterprise. Jason plays regularly at yoga studios and gatherings in Jamaica, and now teaches after receiving training in the Yoga Angels style, which is derived from the Iyengar tradition. He hopes to someday create a wellness centred space in the hills outside of Kingston.

Jason Lee will perform Saturday August 3 at our brand new Tallawah Stage.