Reggae Geel Ambassadors

14 januari 2020

Our Reggae Geel ambassador programme is live again! Sign up now and earn amazing rewards by bringing as many friends as possible to Reggae Geel 2020.


Rewards you can earn:

  • Free tickets Drink vouchers
  • Reggae Geel Merchandise
  • Meet & Greets
  • VIP experience
  • Backstage dinner
  • And MUCH more.

How does it work?

Very easy: you’ll earn points for every ticket you sell to your friends. You can redeem these points in the reward shop within your ambassador dashboard. The more tickets you sell, the better rewards you can claim for you and your friends. And to make it a bit easier to sell, your friends will also get a small benefit with the tickets they buy through you.

Our Community Manager throughout the campaign to answer your questions, advise you how to sell the most tickets and inform you about important festival updates.

How to make a sale?

  1. Sign up as our ambassador
  2. Create an account and click ‘start selling’
  3. Choose the ticket type and number of tickets you want to sell to your friend
  4. Fill out your friends’ name, email and phone number and automatically send them an invite to buy a ticket from you
  5. Once the sale is completed, you’ll see the points appear in your dashboard
  6. Claim those rewards!

SIGN UP NOW: Click here!