Hitman & Fiza


Hitman & Fiza

FRIDAY 4 AUG - Dub Forest


GENRE: UK Steppas/Deep Rootsy Dub

🔥France based sound system and production duo

🔥Spotted by legendary Toulouse studio Conscious Embassy, and quickly integrated into the family

🔥Driven by a love for vintage sound, reminiscent of the typical 1990s sound system sessions

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When two talented multi-instrumentalists meet, Hitman & Fiza is what you get. A turbulent twister of fantastic steppas and pure roots dub that balm your heart and soul. United by a common passion for reggae music from the 70s to today, these two artists strike the perfect balance between conscious tunes, rhythmic pleasure, far-out echoes and hypnotizing reverb.

Let Hitman & Fiza fire up your Friday night at our Dub Forest. You won’t regret it.

Hitman & Fiza will be playing host sound Youth & Truth’s mighty speaker stacks on Friday.